Apps Like vShare and its Alternatives

Apps Like vShare and its Alternatives: VShare is a great app for Downloading and installing crack files of Android and iOS apps. You can get apps for free. It is used by lots of people because it provides apps for free which you might have to purchase if you install it from the official app stores at

If VShare is not the one you are looking for or it is not working on your smartphone due to some issues, don’t worry I will tell about the alternatives of VShare which you can install on your smartphone and tablets. These alternatives will provide the same features which you get on VShare app.


vShare Alternatives

App Cake – App Cake is the best alternative for VShare but you have to jailbreak your device in order to install this app. After installing this app you can install many apps for free. This app is not yet available for Android. App Cake can  Install crack IPA files also.

ZEUSMOS – This one is for Android users who are looking for VShare alternative. iOS users can also use it since it is also available for iOS also. You can download and install any app for free. Jailbreak device not necessary to use this app.

iFunbox – A really good app and file management for iOS users. You can use this app on your Mac and Windows PC. With this app, you can store your app in the PCs to.not overload your smartphone storage.

iPastor – iPastor is an alternative app for VShare which is available for iPhones and iPads. iPastor is a very interesting app because you can download the apps in Their official websites. You are not actually Downloading apps from the iPastor app.

Hipstore – Hipstore is a great alternative for both iOS and Android users. A great thing for iOS and Android users is that there is no need of Jailbreak and root respectively. When you will start using this app you can see lots of apps collection from which you can download and install any app for free.


Music composer

This application is a virtual piano for the iPhone or iPod device. It also allows score editing and automatically generate sound file and music notation sheet.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

You can use this application to compose music and email the generated sound file and music notation sheet.

You can change Key signature, Tempo, Meter and edit title and some other description for the music score sheet. However, it only supports a uniform meter for a song.

Music Composer is designed to be easy and simple to use. It is a lite version of Composer. In the full version, you can have multiple tracks for one song with different meter or tempo or key signature, and add lyrics and more.

User Guide

How to start?

Select a note, you can change the note pitch and duration, and start compose the music from keyboard.