Periodic table

A reference application for Periodic Table in Chemistry.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

- No network connection needed. 
- Easy to zoom in and out periodic table with two fingers 
- Show details description and history about certain element 
- Show many physical properties of an element such as oxidation states, density, electron configuration, thermal conductivity and more.   
- A tool help all students memorize the elements
- A important reference for any student who studies chemistry.  
- A important referenece for anyone in chemistry field. 
-  Easy and simple to use.

User Guide

How to use this reference app?

Make sure you are in landscape mode, just tap on the element for more information.



Physics formula

Physics formula: This application can provide every possible formula for anyone who study in Physics. It can be used to build your own formulas reference in Physics.

It can store any cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets. You can organize the reference with clicks.

This application comes with lots of reference cards, please double click on the image to navigate to the next image in each category.

Main Features: 
    - Add/delete new reference of your own
    - Zoom in/out feature on the reference
    - Consists lots of reference cards     
The reference cards consists of: 
    - All Formulas required for AP Physics
    - Physical Constants
    - Dynamics
    - Vector Formulas
    - Electromagnetic Constants
    - Wave and Optics
    - Kinematics 
    - Newton Mechanics
    - Momentum and Impulse
    - Work, energy, power
    - Electricity
    - Magnetism
    - Gravity
    - More