PDF Presenter

PDF PresenterThis application is for PDF Presentation. If you save the powerpoint as PDF file, this app will help you do the presentation on projector. It will automatically detect the projector and send the signal to the projector using the VGA cable. It actually mirror the screen to the projector. Therefore, you can not only see the presentation on the iPad screen but also on the projector. No need to turn your head back all the time as in Keynote.

Drawing Capability will be added in version 2.0 release.

PDF Presenter

PDF Presenter

PDF Presenter

PDF Presenter

User Guide

To upload the PDF file to this application, just follow this:

1.Launch iTunes
2. Click Your iPad, Apps Tab
3. Scroll down, you will see File Sharing
4. Select the PDFPresenter on the list,
5. drag your PDF files to the “PDFPresenter Documents” window.

To remove the PDF file from this application, just follow this:

1.Launch iTunes
2. Click Your iPad, Apps Tab
3. Scroll down, you will see File Sharing
4. Select the PDFPresenter on the list,
5. select the PDF file from the “PDFPresenter Documents” window.
6. press the delete key.

PDF Presenter


iVNC: Remote Desktop for Windows,Mac, Linux

vnciVNC will get you access to your computer from anywhere in the world. This app will also send the Remote desktop to the projector, LCD or TV if connected with Dock-to-VGA cable. It especially useful if you need present something to a group of people during the meeting. Combining this app with FaceTime video calling, you will create the great remote demo environment. It is fully tested on iOS4 and iPad. In general, this is a must-have app for remote access to your desktop or doing the remote demo for people.

It works perfectly on iOS4 and iPad.

- Show the remote desktop on Projector,TV,LCD via Dock-to-VGA Adapter.  
- Remote teaching can never be easier with this app. 
- Cut and Paste (double tap in console)
- Drag and move the window around
- Support nearly all encoding
- Support portrait and landscape mode
- Support extra keys such as F1-F12 keys, window key, etc. 
- Support shortcut and Ctrl-Alt combinations. 
- Support Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination to reboot the remote PC. 
- Support Mac, Windows, Linux
- It is the VNC Client
- Tested with Ultra VNC, RealVNC, TightVNC, etc. 

Teacher can use this app to do presentation by launching Microsoft Powerpoint remotely. The left/right arrow key will be shown on the device for easy navigation.

Businessman and sales people can use this app to launch any special software which runs on windows and show to the customers or a group of people during the meeting.

Student can use this app to do one-to-one demo while having phone conversation with friends.

Children can use this app to teach their parents how to use computer remotely. By calling your parent and ask them to launch this app and then connect to TV, you can conduct remote teaching easily.

All people can use this to remote access the computer and do their work.

User Guide


For Windows:


Download for Windows 

      and double click to install it
    2. Setup the server, Set the primary password or viewOnly password, and Display Number (Usually set to 1)
    3. Important: Quit the UltraVNC Server and Start the VNC server again after making the change.



If you can not connect after you set the display number to 1 and new password, it is the best if you could quit the VNC Server and start it again for any changes you made on the server.

Extra Supported VNC Server Info:

Ultra VNC configure
Tight VNC Stable Version ONLY configure
Real VNC configure

For Mac
You will just need to enable Screen Sharing in Settings. When you connect to Mac desktop, you will need change the default Screen from 1 to 0 since Mac Screen Sharing is VNC server that runs on display 0.



For Linux:

VNC server comes with default. If not, you can install them by: 

	- yum install vncserver  on Fedora
	- apt-get install vncserver on Ubuntu 

1. set the vnc server password: 
2. start vncserver


Attention: Since we enable dragging of the windows, sometime, you might need drag your finger onto system menu in order to launch it. Dragging your finger on the menu is similar to mouse-over event. Dragging your finger on the app top bar will drag the window. It will resize the window if drag on the corners.

How to get my server IP Address?

for windows, press "Window+r", type cmd, then type "ipconfig"
for mac, open Finder, Utility and launch Terminal, type: "ifconfig" 
for linux, just open Terminal, type: "ifconfig"

How to determine my Display number?

When you start your server, you need set the display number. That display number is what you put on iPad/iPhone. By default, the port number is 5900 + display number.  if you set your port number to 5902, then you will need enter the display number 2, etc.

How to use this app to do the presentation?

- Start this app, and connect to projector.  
- Hold down the finger to move the desktop mouse around. 
- For the sake of device memory, you will see the black screen on iPad/iPhone screen
- The display is sent to projector only. 

How to do a remote demo?

1. Set the remote PC screen size to 1024x768 
2. Start VNC Server and set the ViewOnly password
3. connect the remote PC  using this app
4. connect the iPad/iPhone to the projector
5. Now you can do the demo only your computer and it show on iPad/iPhone screen. 
6. Extremely useful while teaching people how to use the computer, etc. 

How to edit a word document?

1. open word document
2. Change to Portrait Mode (optional)
2. open keyboard (Bottom-Right corner) 
3. start enter text

How to copy and paste?

1. double tap on console will copy the selected on Clipboard 
2. you can paste that data to any other application
3. Or you can use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V 

How to use Window Shortcut key such as Win+r ?

1. open keyboard  (Bottom-Right Corner)
2. open Extra Keys popover (Top-Right corner)
3. press "window button" and then press "r"  to open "run windows" 

How to reboot your remote desktop?

1. show Extra Keys  (Top right corner
2. tap button "REBT" 

How to use the Portrait and Landscape mode?

Since you can drag-and-drop the item on the screen, you will need to enable/disable zooming the screen while in Portrait mode. Otherwise, any drag-and-drop will be treated as moving the screen in Portrait mode.