Anatomy atlas

Anatomy atlas: This application is a reference for anyone who studies in Anatomy. It not only contains lots of anatomy drawings but also allows the users to create their own reference within touches. It is also an important reference tool for professionals. The user can add and edit the description of the label on the image directly on the iPhone. When the finger touches the label next time, transparent windows will appear with your customized description.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

This application also contains a list of flash cards for students who studied in Human Anatomy. All topics are listed at the end of this description.

Each category can have any number of drawings associated with. Simply double click on the image, you can have a new menu for navigation on photos. It currently contains more than 60 small drawings. More will be added in the future.

When you have many anatomic drawings and you want to make it as a reference, you can do that with this application. You can create a new category and add as many as images you like. When you try to view those drawings, you can select that category and it will show you the first image in the list. Now you can use your two fingers to zoom in and out. By double click on the image, a navigation menu will appear which allows you to go to the next or back. It also allows the user to add more images or delete the current image in that menu.

It is so easy and simple to use this application.

It comes with a list of cards in topic of:

  • Blood Vessels and Lymph nodes
  • Brain and Spinal Core
  • Digestive System
  • Epithelium
  • Head and Neck
  • Heart Lung Connections
  • Muscle Bone Connections
  • Urinary system

User Guide

How to edit a point of interest?

Step 1: Launch Anatomy Atlas App


Step 2: Example: Bones


Step 3: Tap on “Pencil” at the bottom of the screen. (For iPhone, Double tap the screen to get the navigation menu at the bottom)

Step 4: Double tap on Point 21, here is the edit box for you to edit content of the existed point.


How to Add your own Anatomy Atlas Page?

Step 1: Sync your atlas image to the device

Step 2: Select a category where it belongs to. Certainly, you can add new category by click “Edit” Button, or Select “Add new category”

Step 3: Tap “+” button at the top-right corner

Step 4: Tap “Pencil” button to go to “Edit Mode”, so you can double-tap the point to add new Information



Paint for iPad

Paint for iPad: A drawing and photo editing application. The selection tool, cut tool, fill tool and brush tool make you edit the photo and drawing easy and fun. We also provide you color tools such as adjust hue, lightness, saturation, color balance, brightness, contrast. Undo function make photo editing never be easier on the iPad. This app is exclusively developed for iPad. It supports all orientations.

Feature highlight:  
	- Draw with your finger
	- Selection Tool (Rectangle and Eclipse Selection) 
	- Cut the selected
	- Fill the selected with different colors
	- Change Brush color & size
	- Change background Color
	- Erase tool
	- Draw straight line
	- Real time drawing with shadow
	- Adjust Hue, Lightness, Saturation
	- Adjust Color Balance
	- Adjust Brightness and Contrast
	- Undo function

This application will be actively developed. If you have any feature request, please let us know.

User Guide

How to start?

You can tap the “Pencil” button to start drawing, or you can load the image from Photo Album first and start drawing. But if you load an image, you will first need to zoom in out or position the image before cropping the image. Cropping the image can only be used once before you start drawing. The second button on the top bar is the crop image button.



How to change color and brush size?

You can change the brush color, background color, brush size on this popup.



How to use selection tool?

You can select a rectangle or oval shape, cut it or fill it with color



How to draw the object with shadow?

First, click the shadow button. then select a rectangle or oval shape, fill it with color. That shape object will have real-time shadow comes with it.


How to adjust Hue, Lightness, Saturation?

The last 3 icons are only changing the color while you load your image. Tap on the “color palette” icon to adjust hue, lightness or saturation.


How to adjust Color balance?

Tap on the balance icon to change color balance.


How to adjust brightness and contrast?

Tap on the last icon to change brightness or contrast.