Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2017 Right Now

Netflix is the largest legal movie streaming database with many top scary movies. We have conducted a list of Best Horror Movies on Netflix by our own personal experience and viewer ratings that we have analyzed.

Netflix is the streaming service and great free movie streaming websites if you are a movie lover. You will be able to find numerous horror movies such as zombies, vampires, killers or movie that will scare everything in your body. You don’t have to Google anymore and to search third-party and unofficial streaming websites, with Netflix you will be able to enjoy in movie marathons.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

1. Hush

If you are looking for a combination of horror and psychological thriller that will show you violence in its perfect disguise, this is the perfect scary movie to stream online on Netflix. With amazing special effects and storyline that focuses on the killer that has his murderous obsession in Maddie (played by Kate Siegel). If you have expected that we have told you everything, you are wrong, because Maddie is not an ordinary victim, she is deaf-mute which makes her more vulnerable, or is it?

2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

If you are a fan of the combination of horror and comedy, which is maybe one of the most difficult genres to make, direct, produce and act, this is the horror movie for you. With an amazing and distinct balance between these two genres, it will give you more than special effects, it will give you cleverness. The director showed that he understands what audience wants, to get thrills and in the same time tap on the shoulder.

3. The Babadook

This particular movie was a hit on box office because it showed all over the world and raised many questions. It is all about parenthood and the new house where the family had arrived to live, so we have two clutches at the very beginning and still, we are going to pass that and continue watching. It also provides the idea that children’s book is something that is able to finish the family, where Essie Davis stars as a mother that wants to retain sanity and in the same time to help her son against “The Babadook”. It is great and thrill movie, even though, it contains many horror clichés you will enjoy every second of it.

4. Dead Snow

Today’s horror genre has offered everything that we can possibly imagine. But on Netflix, there is the best horror movie that made a prominent name and critical response. It is based on Scandinavian folklore, Nazis and zombie, and the first time you hear about it, you are like how does that go, but we recommend you to enter your Netflix queue and choose this particular movie for your enjoyment.

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5. Room 237

This particular movie is the combination of documentary and horror movie and when you watch it you won’t be able to perceive what the better is, story, camera or special effects. It is very subjective and it will give you nine segments in which you will explore aspects of Stanley Kubrick’s work in order to understand the poetic of this amazing director that changed the way we think about movies.

6. The Awakening

This particular movie is considered one of the top horror movies available on Netflix in 2017. With a great cast and amazing performance of Rebecca Hall, you will enjoy every single part of it. Rebecca plays a paranormal debunker Florence Cathcart that works in England after the First World War. There is some important discovery and twists that will make you want to watch again in order to understand the poetic of this amazing director Nick Murphy.

7. Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

This is another zombie Nazi madness that will give you the possibility to enjoy your best scary movies on Netflix, and you just have to be certain that this movie is something that you want to watch. If you have watched the first part, you will understand that the surviving member of the last installment recruits the team of zombie’s hunters in order to kill Herzog and all his minions for good. It is a combination of quality special effects and interesting story line so if you are a fan of zombie movies you will be amazed.

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We have presented you best horror movies on Netflix to watch, so it is about a time to show up with your friends and family and to make scary night awesome with only you and movies that you will be able to stream in full-HD.

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