Coloring Book for iPad

You can be amazed that how easy you turn your iPad to a Coloring book for your kids. It is just like coloring on paper. Let us go Green!

A Coloring book for kids 
	- Simple and easy to use
	- Coloring pages as on the paper
	- Change pencil color and size  
	- Enable kids mode so they will not click on any open buttons
	- Load your own coloring pages from Photo Album
	- Shake your iPad to get all cleared.  

Coloring pages will be added frequently.

Version 2.1:  
- Improved User interface and popup windows for a list of Coloring pages.  
- Improved Coloring tools to support multi-touch so kids can have multiple finger on the screen but they still can coloring. 
- Add more than 80 coloring pages
- Add more colors for easy access
- line will not be covered while coloring

User Guide & FAQ

How to load your own coloring page?

- Create a iPad screen size image (768x1024) 
- Remove all white color so there is only lines in the image 
- Save as PNG, Note that the place you want your kids to color must be transparent. 
- Sync your png image to iPad
- Tap Open icon (first icon) to open your own coloring page. 

How to remove white color for the coloring page using Preview?

- Go to Tool, Select Tool
- Pull down the menu, select "Instant Alpha"
- Drag the white color background to remove
- Save your image and sync the photo to your iPad

Coloring Book for iPad

How to remove white color for the coloring page using Photoshop?

- Double click the layer first in the layer menu (no read only background layer) 
- Select the "magic wond tool" from the menu 
- Click the whilte color to remove
- Press delete
- Save your image and sync the photo to your iPad


How to change color & pencil size?

Just tap the the third button on the top, change the color or brush size.


How to start coloring?

Select a page from the list or from quick access menu, Choose the color and start Coloring.

coloring-book-for-ipad3 coloring-book-for-ipad4

How to undo?

Just tap on left-bottom corner for undo.


How to erase everything?

Just shake your iPad forward to get everything erased.

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