Music composer

This application is a virtual piano for the iPhone or iPod device. It also allows score editing and automatically generate sound file and music notation sheet.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

You can use this application to compose music and email the generated sound file and music notation sheet.

You can change Key signature, Tempo, Meter and edit title and some other description for the music score sheet. However, it only supports a uniform meter for a song.

Music Composer is designed to be easy and simple to use. It is a lite version of Composer. In the full version, you can have multiple tracks for one song with different meter or tempo or key signature, and add lyrics and more.

User Guide

How to start?

Select a note, you can change the note pitch and duration, and start compose the music from keyboard.



Power seller tools

Power Seller Tools is the eBay Certified Application. Power Seller Tools enables the eBay sellers to list the item with the pictures from iPhone Camera or Photo Album. It allows the sellers to relist the item with one tap. It also allows the seller to leave bulk feedbacks to the users who have left the Positive one or all items. Selling on eBay can never be easier.

Features Highlight:

✔ Leave bulk feedbacks at once for all
✔ Relist item for unsold and sold item. 
✔ List item with photos from phone camera or album.
✔ List Item with HTML Description
✔ Save listed item as template for later listing
✔ Load template for listing the similar Item
✔ Build-in simple HTML text editor for item description

Imagine that you have item to sell and you select the item category, take a photo from your iPhone, and specify the price, and write the description for your item, tap the button “List”, you successfully list the item on eBay. It can never be easier to use the iPhone to sell item on eBay.

This application will leave the bulk feedbacks on behalf of the seller by one tap. One simple tap solved all your problems for eBay Feedback!

If your are PowerSeller, you have the tool to relist any UnSold item or Sold item with one tap. It has been tested for a large eBay Store. It performs very well.

For security, this application will never save your eBay password. All security is using a secure certificate from eBay Inc. Basically you sign in eBay Official site, and make the authorization, eBay creates sort of certificate for this application to download. This application downloaded and save it for later usage. It is all working seamlessly to you. You only need to setup this application once. It is all build-in this application. All you need to do is to buy and launch it. It is secure and reliable. If you changed the eBay password later, that certification will automatically become invalid. You will have to authorize again.

eBay Motor and Car Parts category is not supported.

Supported Countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France



If you can not authorize, you will have to call eBay customer service to overload the authorization for third party software.


When the buyers send you a Feedback, they want the seller to send the feedback back instantly. Otherwise, the buyer will send the seller an email asking for leaving the Feedback. At this moment, the seller is forced to login and navigate the eBay Seller Manager and leave one feedback after many many steps. That is really inconvenient. Could we have a program on iphone that you can do everything by one tap? This one will do that.

Every time you want to sell an item on eBay, you have to take the picture from digital camera, and download to the computer and resize it and many many step to sell an item. Can we have application that allows us to choose the category, take the photo, write the description, enter the price, you are done. This application can do it.

While you are traveling around the world, the only access is your iPhone. You can timely relist the items if they are not sold. Now you will never miss any potential customers.

User Guide

How to setup this application?

You will only need to make this authorization once in the life time. However, if you change your eBay login password later, this authorization will become invalid and you will have to authorize again.

This application will never save any password. A security certificate will be generated by eBay for this application. The authorization is going through the official secure eBay server using https. Once it is setup, you don’t need to login every time. You can leave lots of feedbacks by tapping on one button. It is secure and easy to use.

Please follow the following steps to setup:

Step 1: launch the app for the first time

Step 2: login to ebay as a ebay seller



If you are asked to verify yourself, eBay will call you or email you with a PIN, you use that PIN to verify yourself. If not, go Step 3.



Enter the PIN after your get all from eBay Inc.



Step 3: Click on “I Agree” button



Step 4: After you see “Authorization successfully completed, Click on “Done” button



How to Leave Bulk Feedback

Leave Feedbacks Button

It will leave the feedbacks to all users who have already left a “Positive” feedback to you. For example, if the user left you a positive feedback, you will leave a Positive feedback to them as well.

Leave Feedbacks for All Button

It will leave the feedbacks to all users:

  • who have already left a “Positive” feedback to you.
  • who did not leave any feedback to you



How to Relist Unsold Item



How to Add Item(List new Item on eBay)

You can take the photo from the phone and list it on eBay. By default, it is free shipping, so when you enter the price, you will enter the total price which includes the product price and shipping costs.



Effects studio

This application allows you to create special effects for the photo. It create a photo for you with many special color effects on the photo. You can also grab image from the web. You are going to have lots of fun by applying effects on your own photo or the photo you get from the web.

News: This app supports Native iPad App with full width and height.

Features Highlight:
- Many Color tools includes color balance, hue and saturation, colorize, brightness/contracts, etc... 
- Many filters are included for the photo
- Draw on the photo with drawing toolbox
- Add frame or text description on the photo 
- Grab image from the web 
- Apply gray color effects 
- Apply color splash effects 
- and many more.. 


First open the photo, then zoom in and out so it position the photo correctly, then click Crop Image Icon. After that, the crop image icon is disabled. It will be active when you start to work on a new photo.

Apply the following effects for photo:

Color enhancement
Fractal Trace
Tile Seamless
Edge Filter 
Whirl and Pinch
Hue and Saturation
Color Balance

User Guide

How to start?

First, you will need to load an image from Album (tap on the first icon). After you load the image, you can zoom in or out or position the image for cropping. You can only crop the image only once after loading the image. Tap the third button to crop the image. Once the image is cropped, the crop image button is disable. If you load a new image, the crop image will be enabled again.


How to use Extra Tools Menu?

Extra Tools menu is the first icon after the crop image button. It contains the following items:

Create Gray Image: create an image with white and black
Color Splash Effects: Create partial color white black effects
Add Text: Add text on the image
Add Photo Frame: Add frame for the photo
Grab an image: Grab an image from the web
Drawing: show the drawing tool


How to use Color Effects Menu?

Color effects menu is the second icon after the crop image button. It contains the following items:

Color Balance: Change color balance
Hue Saturation: Change Hue and Saturation
Colorize: Colorize the image
Brightness and Contrast: Change brightness and Contrast of the image
Threshold: Change threshold of the image
Posterize: Posterize the image
Levels: Change the color level of the image
Curves: Change the curves of the image


How to use Special Effects Menu?

Color effects menu is the last icon on the top bar It contains the following items:

Illusion: apply illusion effects
Color Enhance: Enhance the color for the photo
Fractal Trace: Apply Fractal Trace
Tile Seamless: Apply Tile Seamless
Edge Filter: Apply Edge Filter
Ripple: Apply Ripple Effects
Wave: Apply Wave Effects
Invert: Apply Invert Effects
Emboss: Emboss the image
Cartoon: Cartoonize the image
Whirl and Pinch: apply Whirl and Pinch Effects
Soft Glow: Apply Soft Glow


What are those effects I can use for my photo?

Special Effects



Color Enhance


Tile Seamless


Edge Filter


Soft Glow








Whirl and Pinch


Color Effects

Original Image


Adjust Color Balance


Adjust Hue,Lightness,Saturation


Colorize the image


Adjust Brightness and Contrast


Apply Threshold




Adjust Color Curves



Periodic table

A reference application for Periodic Table in Chemistry.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

- No network connection needed. 
- Easy to zoom in and out periodic table with two fingers 
- Show details description and history about certain element 
- Show many physical properties of an element such as oxidation states, density, electron configuration, thermal conductivity and more.   
- A tool help all students memorize the elements
- A important reference for any student who studies chemistry.  
- A important referenece for anyone in chemistry field. 
-  Easy and simple to use.

User Guide

How to use this reference app?

Make sure you are in landscape mode, just tap on the element for more information.



Physics formula

Physics formula: This application can provide every possible formula for anyone who study in Physics. It can be used to build your own formulas reference in Physics.

It can store any cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets. You can organize the reference with clicks.

This application comes with lots of reference cards, please double click on the image to navigate to the next image in each category.

Main Features: 
    - Add/delete new reference of your own
    - Zoom in/out feature on the reference
    - Consists lots of reference cards     
The reference cards consists of: 
    - All Formulas required for AP Physics
    - Physical Constants
    - Dynamics
    - Vector Formulas
    - Electromagnetic Constants
    - Wave and Optics
    - Kinematics 
    - Newton Mechanics
    - Momentum and Impulse
    - Work, energy, power
    - Electricity
    - Magnetism
    - Gravity
    - More


It is full 88 keys virtual piano. The feature includes:

    1. Record piano play track
    2. Record voice song track
    3. Record every keys you have played
    4. Generate Music Notation Sheet
    5. Email sound track and music notation sheet
    6. Simple and easy to change keyboard.  
    7. Double keyboards on the screen (iphone)

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

Since all keys are recorded while playing, it can be used for many purposes. For example, you can use to record music or you can use to train someone to see whether they remember all keys for a particular song. Furthermore, you can email the soundtrack and sheet music to anyone.

This application only records the note in one beat. To compose music, please check out “Composer” Application.

User Guide

How to start?

Besides you can play the piano, but you can record the note and send the music sheet you have just played to an email. Just tap Record button, play the music and, then tap on the Email.



Graphic calculator 3D

Graphic calculator 3D: It is the scientific graphing calculator which can plot 2D and 3D graph. It is similar to Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-84. It has more features such as plotting 3D graph for mathematics functions.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

   ✓ plot 2D and 3D graph 
   ✓ plot multiple functions on one graph
   ✓ any plot function will be saved and can be edited and plotted later.
   ✓ send email with the graph after you done.
   ✓ easily zoom in and out on the graph
   ✓ can operate on very large number mathematics.
   ✓ convert number to any base
   ✓ compute permutation, combination   - compute greatest common denominator
   ✓ compute least common multiple of a set of rational numbers
   ✓ compute factorial and fibonacci number.
   ✓ provide many trigonometric functions
   ✓ calculate the norm of value
   ✓ provide matrix addition, multiplication
   ✓ compute matrix determinant, inverse matrix.
   ✓ stream line interface so you can easily change the input with finger.
   ✓ copy/paste your result to any other application
   ✓ provide many other scientific functions
   ✓ build-in Help manual for user.

After you use this graphing calculator, you will never want to use any other graphing calculator. It is very simple and easy to use.

Functions in scientific graphing calculator:
   ➺ it can plot f(x), f(x,y)

   ➺ The following math functions you can use to plot 2D and 3D Graph:        
            ✓  abs, norm, rand, acos, 
            ✓  sin, cos, tan, asin, atan, 
            ✓  sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, exp, sqrt, 
            ✓  any linear, quadratic or  x to n, exponential functions. 

   ➺ The following math functions you can use for calculation:
        ✓ max, min, avg, gcd, root, cot, coth
        ✓ asinh, acosh, atanh, base, perm, comb,
        ✓ ceil, floor, round, lcm, fib

   ➺ The following function use to compute matrix              
             ✓ determinant:  det(x)
             ✓ inverse matrix:   inverse(x)

User Guide

To try out some graphing capabilities, please click “hist” button (orange button), select a function, click “Plot” button. You will see those sample graphs. We have tested it on iPad, iPhone. It works. If you don’t see the graph, most likely you enter the wrong formula!! Please be aware!

To start to calculate, simply enter:

Click button “ans”. The result will be returned to you.
To Plot a linear function, simply enter:

Click “Plot” button. You do not need enter “y=” in the front. It is wrong if you enter: y=13*x+6 because it assumed it is a function of x or y or both. It is also wrong if you enter 13(x)+6. For example, if you want to plot f(x,y)=3*x+4*y, you only need input the second part. Note that you need math operator for any math formula.


To access “Help” document. Click button “Hist” and click “Help.
It is highly recommended that you read the “Quick Start Guide” in built-in Help document before use this application.

How to define a variable and use for calculation later?

Just assign a variable with value:


Tap “ans” button to get the answers: 314, 628, 942


How to add more than one function?

Just tap “Edit”, then “Add more function” on the function page, After you enter the function such as 2*sin(x), Tap “Use” button. Certainly, you can change the X, Y range to get what you want. Z range is only used when you set the graphing type to 3D.



How to draw 3D graphics?

First, you will need to change the graphing type to be 3D instead of 2D on the function page. then click “Plot” button, a 3D graph will be shown such as:



Photo splash effects

Color Splash Effects can never be easier using this application.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

    - Search the image from the web using Google image search 
    - Grab the image
    - Create Color Splash Effects 
    - Save the color splash effects photo to Photo Album. 

One of the more popular photo effects you may have seen is where a photo is converted to black and white, except for one object in the photo which is made to stand out by keeping it in color.

The easiest ways to achieve this effect is using this application. You can easily create this effect using your finger. Now you can open the image from your photo album and start to create color splash effects. Or simply grab many image directly from the web using the image search tool and start to create color splash effects and have fun.

Tools Provided:  
       - Using green button to start editing 
       - Using finger to Zoom in/out 
       - Undo function provided 
       - Change Brush size
       - Simple and easy to use
       - Grab image from the web 

Keywords: Color Splash, Splash photo special effect, Black and White Partial Color Effect

For more effects, please check out “Effects Studio” in the App store.


Photo sticker purikura

This application allows you to create fun pocket photo. We have over 200+ cute stickers for you to create your cute photo. All stickers are different from “Photo Sticker” application. This application also comes with many special color effects which can be used to design your photo.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

Features: – Add star, heart, frame on the photo – Add many stickers on the photo. – Add your own drawing on the photo – Use two fingers to scale the image, position the image – Add Text on the photo – Apply color effects on the photo

This application is just like any Photo Sticker machine you see in local stores: Purikura, Icue, Puri!

User Guide

How to start? 1. Choose your photo from Album 2. Use finger to zoom in/out and position the photo before editing. 3. Use the green button to start edit. It will crop the image to the pocket photo size.

Great Fun for my friends in: middle school high school college Student + dorm life University Working class people

Keyword: Photo Picture Sticker, Purikura



This application is designed for people with talk disabilities. It is a perfect communication tool for those people who could not speak. By simply enter a sentence, it will voice the sentence for you.

Now it comes with the most native voice. If you would like to have the native voice, internet is required. Otherwise, it would more like a computer generated voice.

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.